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Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital has a number of board-certified obstetricians and pediatricians on staff to care for both you and your new arrival.

birthing centerThe Obstetrics unit is equipped with state-of-the-art monitors. These monitors provide a greater monitoring capability through sensors that can monitor the fetal heart rate in a wider range, reducing the interruption to reposition the monitor on the mother's abdomen. Each of these monitors is equipped to monitor twins, provide continuous maternal ECG (heart rhythm patterns), oxygen levels and blood pressures. The comprehensive information from each of these monitors is displayed through a central system at the nurses' station so the nursing staff can simultaneously evaluate the well-being of all laboring patients and their unborn child(ren) without unnecessarily disturbing them. The information is also displayed at the bedside.

Each delivery area has a warmer to provide a safe temperature-controlled environment for the newborn infant's immediate care. These units are near the bedside where the parents can observe the care their newborn receives in those important first minutes of life in the world beyond the womb.

Cesarean sections are performed on the OB unit where new mothers also receive post operative recovery.

Safety Procedures

With the understanding that many of the infants will be in the patient room rather than the newborn nursery we have implemented several measures to provide a secure environment for the young family. All of the newborns receive an identification band immediately following delivery, prior to leaving the delivery area, and a corresponding band is placed on the wrist of the mother and her designated support person. Individuals with matching bands are the only persons who can receive the infant from the nursery. Additionally, an electronic security system monitors the location of each infant. Should an infant be located in the immediate vicinity of an exit, the exits are designed to lock and an alarm will sound in the unit. Cameras have been installed near the major exits to the unit to enable the staff to observe the exit hallways.

Childbirth & Breastfeeding Classes

Through a partnership with Birthly, NNRH now offers its patients free access to a variety of perinatal education classes virtually.

Classes offered include Early Pregnancy Preparations, Prenatal Education Bootcamp (English and Spanish), Coping and Comfort, Breastfeeding 101, as well as Newborn Care. All classes are live, so patients have the opportunity to learn from and interact with certified and experienced childbirth educators.

Since each class type is offered multiple times a month, patients now have more flexibility in choosing a time that fits their schedule and can connect from the comfort of their own home.

To register, please visit Use code "NNRH" to register for all classes for free! 

Learn more about free prenatal classes here.

For the love of your family, we are proud to serve with excellence at the Women and Newborn Center at Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital. 

Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital 

2001 Errecart Boulevard
Elko, NV 89801
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