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Sleep Medicine Program

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The Sleep Clinic at Northeastern Nevada Regional Hopsital is located on the third floor of the hospital.

Call us at 775-748-2355

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2001 Errecart Blvd
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(775) 748-2355

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Diagnosing the Problem

To determine the best treatment, our sleep specialist will ask about your sleep problem and perform a physical exam that includes a mouth, throat, and nose check, weight reading, blood pressure check, heart rate, and neck size measurement.  In addition to this initial evaluation, a sleep study may be needed to provide additional information about the nature and severity of your sleep problem.

Depending on the results, you may be asked to spend a night at our sleep clinic or will be loaned a small monitor to use at home.  Either way, breathing, heart rate, oxygen levels, and other functions may be measured and recorded.  The findings help determine which treatments will work best for you.  

If you will be spending the night at the Sleep Clinic, you will have a private, "hotel-like" bedroom and most of the comforts of home.  Before going to bed, a technologist attaches sensors to your body to measure different stages of your sleep and to track other vital signs.  While you sleep, the technologist monitors the sensors' findings from another room.  If you need an air pressure device to help you breathe, one will be available.  Follow the instructions that the sleep clinic staff gives you to prepare for your sleep study.  These may include bathing and washing your hair before the sleep study.  Do not use lotions, oils, or makeup on your skin.  Bring your pillow, sleepwear, something to read, and anything else that will help you sleep well.

For more information, please call 775.748.2355.

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