NNRH donates equipment to Kenya Relief

June 11, 2018

ELKO, Nevada – Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital recently donated hundreds of pieces of medical equipment to Kenya Relief, a non-profit group which organizes medical mission trips to Kenya. The supplies from NNRH filled a U-Haul truck which was then driven to the east coast where the equipment will be prepared for shipment to Africa.

“My hat’s off to the hospital and to all the people who worked to arrange this donation,” said Steve James, founder of Kenya Relief and a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). “I’m surprised that we filled up this entire truck. It was definitely worth the drive all the way out here from Alabama.”

Greg Hexem, chief financial officer at NNRH, said that he was pleased Kenya Relief would make good use of the equipment.

“For us, this equipment is older and we’ve replaced it with newer technology,” Hexem explained. “However, Kenya Relief has made it clear that there is still a real need for it. Our mission at NNRH is making communities healthier. Today, we have the privilege of donating to improve the health of communities halfway around the world.”

Both Hexem and James credited local CRNA Michael Hunt with being the driving force behind the donation. Hunt works for Ruby Dome Anesthesia while his wife, Maci, serves as a registered nurse in the hospital’s Same Day Surgery Department. The couple have both traveled on previous mission trips with Kenya Relief and they are leading a team of local medical personnel back to Kenya later this year.

“There’s so much that we take for granted here in the States,” said Michael Hunt as he surveyed the U-Haul full of equipment. “For example, these instrument sterilizers are very hard to find in Kenya. When we are there with a team, we’re limited on the number of surgeries we can perform because we can’t sterilize the instruments fast enough. This donation will allow us to sterilize instruments in a better fashion and in greater quantities. The amount of lives that this will impact is actually immeasurable.”

James agreed that even the smallest piece of equipment can make a great impact.

“Every single item on this truck – I mean the tiniest of things – when you’re out in the mission field and you’re working with someone who’s suffering, and you pick up a small piece, and you realize that God sent that particular piece from 8,000 miles away just for that particular person – well, that’s an amazing feeling,” James said.

Those who are interested in learning more about Kenya Relief may visit www.kenyarelief.org.