NNRH Donates AEDs to Local Ball Fields

April 16, 2018

Nurses from the Heart Center at NNRH conduct a training session with coaches from Ruby Mountain Little League.

ELKO, Nevada -- To mark the opening of baseball season, Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital donated three automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to be placed at athletic fields around the community. The devices will be secured at the fields during all outdoor sporting seasons in case an athlete or spectator ever suffers a cardiac arrest.

“This is a donation that we hope never actually gets used,” said Steve Burrows, director of community relations at NNRH. “But better safe than sorry. If someone ever collapses during a sporting event, we want to ensure that there will be an AED nearby.”

Two of the AEDs were donated to the City of Elko Parks and Recreation Department -- one to be stored at Ernie Hall Field and the other to be installed at the Leonard Herrera Adult Softball Complex. The third AED was donated to the Spring Creek Association to be housed at the Sports Complex on Springfield Parkway.

Burrows stated that the total value of the three AEDs was over $5,000. He credited the staff of the NNRH cardiovascular department with championing the donation.

“It was really the folks in our Heart Center who made this happen,” Burrows said. “They work hard every day to improve the heart health of our community, and they want to make sure that our youth are safe while participating in sports.”

Becky Jones, director of cardiovascular services at NNRH, said that an AED can be a vital resource for saving lives during cardiac emergencies. “Research shows that over 80% of young people who suffer a cardiac arrest do so while exercising or playing sports,” Jones stated. “If an AED is used and CPR is employed, their chances of survival are nearly tripled.”

Jones said that the donation of the AEDs arose out of the mission of the Heart Center. “We are passionate about keeping our community well educated and well equipped for cardiac emergencies. And that extends beyond the walls of the hospital.”

Staff from NNRH attended coaches meetings for Elko Little League Baseball and conducted training sessions on the operation of the AEDs. Hospital administrators and nurses from the Heart Center also attended the season opening of Ruby Mountain Little League where they formally presented the AED and offered an additional training for coaches.

“It was fantastic to see hundreds of kids out on the field, ready to play baseball,” Burrows said of the season opening. “We believe these AEDs will keep kids safe while they stay active and healthy. And in our book, that’s a home run.”

Staff from NNRH present two AEDs to the coaches of Elko Little League Baseball.