More Than A Month

October 29, 2018

At NNRH, Breast Cancer Awareness Is What We Do Every Day

By Steve Simpson, NNRH CEO

We’ve seen a lot of pink at Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital this October. As we’ve observed National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it seems like this color has been everywhere! We hung up our giant pink ribbon in front of the hospital. Our staff wore some very pink outfits to work. We participated in events with our friends at Get Pink Elko County. We even threw pink footballs to the crowd at the Elko - Spring Creek game last Friday.

Yes, it’s been a very pink month. But we all know there is more to breast cancer awareness than just wearing pink. Although it has such a bright and cheerful color as its emblem, breast cancer is a very sobering subject. Experts predict that one in every eight women will suffer from breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. Indeed, most of us know at least one close friend or relative whose life has been forever impacted by this disease.

That’s why we set aside every October to raise awareness. This month gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect. It’s a time to remember those who have lost their lives to breast cancer. It’s also a chance to honor survivors and celebrate their hard-fought victories. We wear pink to show our solidarity with individuals who are currently going through their battle with breast cancer. And we remind everyone about the importance of early detection via mammography.

At NNRH, we take mammography very seriously. Research shows that if a woman consistently gets an annual mammogram, doctors can detect cancerous tissue in her breasts at the earliest stages when it is most easily treated. That’s why we are so passionate about mammography: because it saves lives.

Our Diagnostic Imaging Department includes four licensed mammographers who are dedicated to providing high-quality imaging with sensitivity and compassion. These skilled technologists actually live out breast cancer awareness in their day-to-day routine. And they do it year round, regardless of what month it is or whether or not they’re wearing pink.

With that in mind, I’m happy to announce that NNRH is extending our discounted $90 price for screening mammograms until the end of the year. This price is for self-paying patients, and it includes a reading by a board-certified radiologist. If you have insurance, the cost of a screening mammogram is probably covered by your plan. The reason we offer the $90 price each year is for those who don’t have insurance coverage. We’ve seen such a great response this year that we decided to extend the discount until December 31st.

Honestly, we don’t want the cost to be what keeps someone from getting a mammogram. So, if you’re a woman over forty, if you don’t have insurance, and if $90 is still too much, please call us and we’ll work something out. Chat with our schedulers by dialing 748-2243 and selecting option “2”.

As October draws to an end, we’ll start to see a little less pink. Most of us guys will go back to wearing more “manly” colors. And the giant pink ribbon will be taken down and folded up. That’s okay. What won’t change is the fact that all of us here at Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital are dedicated to raising awareness and supporting local breast cancer patients. Our mission is making communities healthier, and it is our privilege to do just that every month of the year.