Hospital donates to Camp Lamoille Recovery Fund

January 30, 2019

ELKO, Nevada – Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital recently donated $10,000.00 to the Camp Lamoille Recovery Fund. Members of the hospital’s Community Investment Committee attended a meeting of the Elko Lions Club to present the check.

“Camp Lamoille holds a special place in the hearts of so many people,” said Steve Burrows, director of community relations at NNRH. “When our committee considered this donation, we all agreed that rebuilding the camp is vital to the cultural health of Elko County.”

Burrows went on to state that this donation was particularly meaningful to him. “Some of my best memories are from going to church camp in Lamoille as a teenager,” he said. “So, personally, I’m thrilled that NNRH can play a part in rebuilding the camp to ensure that future generations can enjoy this special spot.”

Several structures at the camp were damaged or destroyed during the Range Two Fire last September, including the historic lodge building. The Elko Lions Club, which maintains the camp, has committed to rebuilding it with the help of the community.

“We’re very grateful to NNRH for this generous donation,” said Chuck Stout, Lions Club member and chairman of the Camp Lamoille Committee. “Adding the hospital’s contribution to the total amount that we’ve raised so far means that we are one-third of the way to reaching our goal of one million dollars.”

Stout explained that the Lions Club has a three-phase plan to rebuild the camp, with the projected total cost being one million dollars. Those who are interested in donating may do so at the Elko Federal Credit Union or online at

Pictured from left: Warner Whipple, former manager of Lions Camp Lamoille; Chuck Stout, current manager; Steve Simpson, CEO of NNRH; and members of the NNRH Community Investment Committee: Jill Brown, Steve Burrows and Gwen King.