The Heart Center

2001 Errecart Boulevard
Elko, NV 89801

At Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital, we are committed to providing the highest level of cardiac care available in northeastern Nevada. That’s why we launched The Heart Center in 2016.

The vision behind The Heart Center is to consolidate all of our cardiac services under one banner and to provide quality, coordinated care for patients all along the spectrum of cardiovascular disease.

Heart Attack Care

The cornerstone of The Heart Center is the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory (or Cath Lab).

This is where our cardiologists intervene during cardiac emergencies. When a patient is suffering from a heart attack, this usually means that blood flow to the heart has been restricted. In the Cath Lab, our doctors skillfully insert arterial stents so that blood can resume flowing.

Prior to the opening of the Heart Center, this procedure was not available in Elko. Patients undergoing a cardiac emergency had to be transported by air to another facility. When it comes to the heart, minutes cost muscle, meaning that the longer blood flow is restricted, the more cardiac tissue dies. That’s why it is such good news that we can now treat most cardiac emergencies right here in Elko without expending those precious minutes on transport.

The Cath Lab has positively impacted so many lives in our community. Indeed, since the opening of the Heart Center, our cardiologists have performed over 1,000 interventional procedures.

Preventive Heart Care

But we don’t want to merely intervene if you’re having a heart attack. We’d like to help you before things get that far along!

That is why The Heart Center extends beyond the walls of the Cath Lab. Our nurses and staff work closely with all of our local cardiologists to provide preventive care for patients at risk for cardiovascular disease. We continue to invest in the latest equipment for cardiopulmonary diagnostics. This helps our local heart doctors see exactly what is going on inside their patients’ hearts so that they can take measures to prevent cardiac emergencies.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

We also continue caring for many patients long after a heart attack.

The Heart Center includes our Cardiac Rehab department where victims of cardiac events can regain their confidence and abilities while pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, our Congestive Heart Failure Clinic continues to develop, offering help and hope to those with chronically weak hearts.

The Heart Center at NNRH is here for you no matter what kind of care your heart may need and no matter when you need it. And that is news that you can take to heart!

For more information, please call The Heart Center at 775.748.2273.

You may also contact:

Becky Jones, Director of Cardiopulmonary Services