Loved ones are welcome again.

It’s been a hard year. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our community has faced a number of new challenges as we have worked to protect each other’s health and well-being. Perhaps one of the biggest of those challenges has been separation from others – whether that means forgoing in-person gatherings, grabbing coffee with a friend or visiting a loved one who is receiving care at the hospital.

As we come closer than ever to putting the pandemic behind us, we are pleased to announce that our visitation restrictions are relaxing, and loved ones are welcome again. We know that it has been difficult to be apart from family and friends who are receiving care, and we want to thank you for your patience and understanding while restrictions were in place to protect the health of our patients and staff.

We are so pleased to welcome our patients’ loved ones back to the hospital to visit. Our updated visitor policy can be found below.

It’s been a hard year. Let’s make the next one better…together.

Revised Visitor Policy at Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital

Effective Monday, 5/17/2021, at 10:00 a.m. we are revising our visitor policy as follows:

  • Patients will be limited to one (1) WELL visitor per day.
    • Inpatients may receive one well visitor per day during designated visiting hours (10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.).
    • Outpatients may be accompanied by one support person during their appointment. This includes patients arriving for procedures at the Laboratory or Radiology Department.
    • Patients arriving at the Emergency Department may be accompanied by one support person.
  • Visiting hours for inpatients will be 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    • Visitors will only be granted entrance once during this time period. They may not leave the hospital and return multiple times in the same day.
    • Visitors of inpatients are asked to enter through the Emergency Department entrance. The main entrance of the hospital will remain closed at this time.
  • All visitors and support persons must be 14 years of age or older.
    • At this time, children under the age of 14 should not come to the hospital unless they are arriving as a patient.
  • All visitors will be screened upon entry and have their temperature recorded.
    • Visitors who do not pass the screening will be asked to reschedule their visit until they are symptom-free.
  • All visitors will be required to wear a mask and a wristband at all times while in the facility.
    • Visitors are strongly encouraged to bring their own masks from home.
    • If a visitor arrives without a mask, the hospital screeners may provide them with a temporary cloth mask. This cloth mask should be returned to the screening table upon the visitor’s departure so that it can be cleaned and reused.
  • All visitors will be required to practice physical distancing while inside the hospital.
  • All visitors must complete the COVID-19 Informed Consent and Waiver form.
  • Any individual visiting a patient who has tested positive for COVID-19 or another infectious disease will be required to wear an isolation gown while in the patient’s room.
  • Obstetrics patients may be accompanied by one support person during the duration of their stay in the hospital. They may not receive additional visitors at this time.
  • Allowances will be made for patients receiving end-of-life care and the number of visitors permitted may be increased.
  • Please utilize alternative methods of communication with patients as much as possible. We encourage the use of telephone calls, Skype, Zoom and FaceTime.

Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation as we work to maintain a safe environment for our patients and team.