NNRH Donates To GBC Student Food Pantry

November 17, 2017

ELKO, Nevada – The phrase “starving college students” is a familiar cliché that is often used humorously. But to many students with limited resources, hunger is no laughing matter. That’s why the Battleborn Veterans Club at Great Basin College decided to launch a food drive in 2016 and establish a pantry for students in need.

“We held a food drive here on campus and GBC employees donated a generous amount of food,” said Tawny Crum, Assistant Director of Student Financial Services and Veterans Affairs at GBC. “With this donation we were able to help veterans and students living in university housing that were short on funds. We have made [the pantry] available to any student in need.”

Eventually, the stores of the pantry were depleted and it became necessary to hold another food drive. That’s when Jennifer Koopman, Director of Physician Relations and Industry at Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital, heard about the need and decided to take action.

“Our mission at NNRH is to make our community healthier, and proper nutrition is a big part of that equation,” said Koopman. “It’s not okay with us that college students are going hungry while they are working hard to further their education.”

In conjunction with the NNRH Community Investment Committee, Koopman arranged the purchase of over $600 worth of non-perishable food items. She and other volunteers filled the bed of a pickup truck and delivered the food to GBC in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

“We are making this donation in honor of the GBC Student Nursing Organization,” Koopman explained. “They are so involved in our community, constantly helping out with events like the health fair or the flu shot clinic. We are very grateful for our student nurses and their instructors. So this contribution is being made in their name.”

Crum said she was impressed with the quality of the food that NNRH donated, stating that it was “not just ramen noodles, but complete meals.” She said the donation would go a long way toward meeting the needs of the community at GBC. “Thanks to the generosity of the hospital, we will be able to help a lot of students.”

Great Basin College students who are interested in meal assistance may inquire at the Office of Student Financial Services, located in Berg Hall.

Staff members from GBC and NNRH pose with some of the food donated to the student pantry.
From left: Joe Micke, Sharon Sutherland, Tami Mette, Steve Burrows, Jennifer Koopman and Kyle Westman.