Hospital Invites Community to Submit Baby Photos for Centennial Boot Project

March 10, 2017

Help Us Decorate the Centennial Boot at NNRH!

We are looking for baby pictures of anyone who was born at a hospital in Elko -- either at NNRH, at the old Elko General, or even at the original Elko clinics (pre-1921). Photos should be of babies from 0 to 6 months old. The photo dimensions can be any size.

Please fill-out an authorization form for each photo you submit. You can download the form here.

To submit a digital photo, please email both the picture and the authorization form to

If you have a hardcopy of a photo, stop by the NNRH Administration Office and we will be happy to scan it for you.  We want to include as many Elko babies as possible.

Thank you for participating in this historic project!