Hospital honors mothers at Senior Center

May 14, 2018

ELKO, Nevada – Staff from Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital presented flowers and flashlights to members of The Terrace at Ruby View Senior Center in honor of Mother’s Day. Yvonne Moore, an executive assistant at the hospital, said NNRH staff look forward to this event every year.

“It is a special time to honor our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers,” Moore stated. “For us, it’s a privilege to come and visit with these wonderful ladies.”

For several years, the hospital has donated flowers to the senior center for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. However, Moore said that this year they felt the need to do more.

“It all started last year at Father’s Day when we decided to present the dads with pocket knives instead of flowers,” Moore explained. “The ladies said, hey, all we got were flowers! So this year, we decided to give them both flowers and these cool LED flashlights.” Moore said with a laugh that she hopes the flashlights will help “keep the peace in the battle of the sexes.”

Steve Simpson, CEO at NNRH, helped distribute the flowers and spoke to attendees gathered for lunch.

“As a big momma’s boy myself, I think it’s very important that we honor our mothers,” Simpson said. “Moms really keep the whole family healthy, and we want to show them appreciation for all that they do.”

NNRH employees present flowers to members of the Terrace at Ruby View. From left: Judy Stramel, Jennifer Koopman, Yvonne Moore, Isabel Negrete and Sharon Murray.